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National Park Service

The National Park Service has added some additional public land to a national reserve site in Idaho known for its rock climbing opportunities.

The agency added 22 acres of public land to the City of Rocks National Reserve south of Burley, thanks to an acquisition of private land that was already included in the reserve. The tract of land, known as the Gibson property, features the Dungeon, Crystal Cow and Electric Avenue rock formations.

City of Rocks is one of seven National Park Service units in Idaho. Its unique granite rock formations make it a popular spot for rock climbing, and the formations on the newly acquired property are among the formations upon which climbers have created routes.

The Park Service said the public may immediately enjoy expanded recreational access for hiking, hunting and rock climbing.

About 25% of the roughly 14,000-acre reserve remains private, while the rest of the land is managed by the National Park Service and Idaho State Parks and Recreation.

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